Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Barker Camping

Last year we camped up Escalate Mountain for a week.  We enjoyed fishing at their close lakes.  I heard there was another one that had a lot more fish that you have to hike about an hour to, but we only fished the two that we could drive to.  My favorite thing to do is sit in my lounge chair and read a book or magazine, while the family fishes.

Barker reservoir fishing with the family.  The weather was beautiful during the day, and need for a sweat shirt in the evenings.

We camped during a dry season, when there were fires happening throughout Utah, so Barker had a no fire restriction.  All of our cooking had to be in our trailer.  No campfires, or hot coals.  Luckily we have a stove top and a BBQ grill.  We did cook outside on
 our grill.  What is camping without burgers, hot dogs, and Smores.

Camping among the Aspen's away from the busy life in town, helps me reconnect with life.  This is my recharging time.

My family enjoys getting away as well.  This is some of our quality family time.

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