Saturday, June 29, 2013

Get Out of the City

I saw a saying once that said everyone should meditate 20 minutes a day, unless you don't have time for it, then you need to meditate an hour a day.  Reading that sure made me think.  I fall in the second category.  I have a great life, but I definitely need more down time with nothing planned, where I can turn off noise, and sit and gather my thoughts.  Most times when I have me time, I end up making a grocery list, cleaning the house, going through all my notes that pile up, or doing something that needs done.  I have a hard time having me time when there is so much that can and should be done.

My husband and I try to get out camping as often as possible, but usually we end up only getting once a month due to our schedules.  We either have large family get together,  BBQ's at our house or friends, birthday parties, or kid events to attend.  The last few years when the soccer notes come home, I throw them away.  I have been selfish and have not wanted to encourage my kids to play, because it eats up every Saturday for a few months.  This is not relaxing to me.  I have done it, and until they are asking and begging, I will ignore the notes.  They do plenty during the school year to make up for it.  

Sometimes I drive though smaller towns, such as Parowan when we go camping up Yankee, and think about how we should move there.  Beautiful weather in the summers, not a single traffic light that I know of, only a couple gas stations, one grocery store, that I know of.  Simple life sounds so nice sometimes.  Here in the big city I live in, I always feel rushed to hurry somewhere, so I can hurry somewhere else.  Always on the go. 

Camping to me is good down time, where  I get to sit and enjoy the scenery, go on walks or runs, and reconnect with our kids, and the earth.  Nowhere to go, nothing needing to be done, just relax.  We love our times away, and I will use it as my meditation time, even though I need to find more time at home.  I'll work on it.

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